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FM-90 LW Base Ply Fastener

FM-90 LW Base Ply Fastener

FM-90 combine the base ply fasteners and Galvalume disc into one fully integrated, self-locking fastener securing base ply to flat or sloped lightweight insulating concrete roof decks. Designed to chemically bond with the concrete, using uncoated galvanized legs. The rigid reinforced disc has holes allowing adhesive materials to flow through and bond ply sheets to the base ply. Disc and fastener are integrally locked. Use FM-90 (1.7" long) with lightweight concrete decking of minimum 2" thickness conforming to industry standards for compressive strength and dry density.
NOTE:  Consult Factory Mutual, membrane and deck manufacturer's requirements for recommended fastener patterns in normal, exposed and hurricane areas.
Typical application is approximately 95 per square (100 sq ft).

Item #: 750175
Item Desc: FM-90 LW Base Ply Fastener
Item Desc 2: Carton of 1000
Weight: 38
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 1
Nails & Fasteners (NF)