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12oz Roofmaster Surface Prep

12oz Roofmaster Surface Prep

Use our Asphalt Surface Prep to prime metal and other surfaces to accept various asphalt-based membranes. Asphalt Surface Prep prepares the surface to greatly increase bonding strength of these two surfaces to each other. Other asphalt primers are available as brush-on products (in gallon containers), but many times, only a small area needs to be primed and an aerosol is faster, safer (no spilling of buckets of primer) and convenient. Waste is another issue: buckets of primer tend to be left in trucks or warehouses never to be used again before they dry out or become unusable. Features: Fast dry formula; 12oz can means less waste; solvent based to bite into metal.

Item #: 325100
Item Desc: 12oz Roofmaster Surface Prep
Weight: 1
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 12
Paints and Primers (PP)