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Armadillo Retractable Mount

Armadillo Retractable Mount

Designed specifically for proper use of retractable. Aluminum cradle makes the unit lightweight. 360 degree casters make movement of Armadillo smooth. Can be attached to our Horizontal Rope Lifeline System (GFP04630). Can be attached to any roof anchor on the market. Fits our 20'/30'/50'/65' retractables. The Armadillo is designed to hold the functioning Self Retracting Lifeline (SLR) in an upright and stable position to aid in protecting both the rooftop and the SLR from damage associated from using such products in a manner where they would normally come in contact with the roof deck.

Item #: 412333
Item Desc: Armadillo Retractable Mount
Weight: 2
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 1
Fall Arrest (PPS5)