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Drum Heater f/55 Gal w/THERMO

Drum Heater f/55 Gal w/THERMO

Warmer for 55 gallon drums that are 22-1/2" in diameter or less. Comes with a 3" wide strap and a 6' power cord and a Thermostat that has a 50 degree F to 425 degree F temperature range. For prewarming cold process drums. NOTE: use on METAL drums ONLY! Place on bottom of OPEN drum for best heat transfer and to allow for expansion of material as it is warmed.

Item #: 601002
Item Desc: Drum Heater f/55 Gal w/THERMO
Item Desc 2: 110 Volts
Weight: 5
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 1
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