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NFL 4x8 Wheel 6" Hub 5/8" Brg

NFL 4x8 Wheel 6" Hub 5/8" Brg

This is a standard replacement tire for a wheelbarrow. 6" centered hub, with a 5/8" bearing to fit most wheelbarrow axles. It is a slick wheel, filled with our Non-Flat Lite (NFL) foam, which retains the buoyant properties of a pneumatic tire, with out the worry of a flat! Half the weight of a traditional foam filled tire. Remember, the NFL tire does not have a "memory" or flat spot after sitting overnight.  Did you know we can also fill your existing tires with our NFL foam?

Item #: 515670
Item Desc: NFL 4x8 Wheel 6" Hub 5/8" Brg
Item Desc 2: Filled with Non-Flat Lite
Weight: 16
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 1
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